Monday, April 18, 2022

Manspread Monday

Hot Jew alert! More of the marvelous Mr. Maisel BELOW.

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barryearle said...

If this cutie is going to be labeled "not Jew," why not label all the other pictures by the person's religion? Say, "hot Methodist," "hot Catholic," "hot Muslim," "hot Rosicrucian," etc.

Kenneth M. Walsh said...

Because I have no way of knowing other people's religions. This guy identifies himself as Jewish on his Instagram and is hot!

Jack K. said...

While even Jews don't agree on just what Judaism is -- ethnicity? nationality? faith? culture? heritage? -- calling someone a "hot Jew" is about as problematic as referring to someone as an "Italian stallion" or "Greek god." When did gay people become such sanctimonious bores?