Thursday, December 09, 2021

Thursday Ad Watch


Despite the abundance of porn available online these days, I'm guessing ads like this are still the gateway for many a burgeoning gay boys. (I know a 54-year-old who certainly appreciates it!) Speaking of which: Jockey sent me a catalog last week that featured a photo so hot I couldn't believe it was in a "family" mailing. Have a look BELOW.

Of course, Jockey has never been shy with the man-meat, dating back to their Jim PalmerBart Conner and L.A. County medical professionals ad campaigns and more recently ones featuring Aaron O'Connell and Tim Tebow


j said...

Underwear ads stimulate your imagination more the porn

mike said...

As a fellow 54yo, just them mention of the Jim Palmer and Bart Conner ads takes my breath away..

AB said...

Guys nowadays would never understand the excitement of getting the new copy of International Male in your hands. That's probably why today I have a huge underwear fetish. I love sexy, slinky slutty underwear. I look ok in them but not as good (well my bulge does) as those hot muscular men in the catalogues. 🤣😈🍆💪