Friday, September 03, 2021

If Only Ida Known


Damian and I spent yesterday in Flushing Meadows making the most out of a U.S. Open grounds pass. (Full report TK.) Partially because my ancient iPhone's battery dies after five minutes and partially because I thought it would be more fun to live in the moment, I kept my device off the entire day. It was only when we got home just after midnight and I turned it back on did I realize I ended up worrying a bunch of people I love who were checking in to make sure we were OK after "the storm." (That I was atypically absent from all social media only fueled their concerns). I use scare quotes on the storm because I guess we largely slept through it and by the time we boarded the Long Island Railroad for the Billie Jean King National Tennis Center, we never saw any indication that there'd been damage let alone loss of life. And as a result of being offline and never watching the news, we actually had no idea how bad things were until I pulled up this story, above. (Yikes. How horrifying.) Apologies and thanks to everyone who reached out. I'm so glad we're OK! xo

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