Tuesday, March 23, 2021

Tennis Tuesday

Brad Minns is what I call a triple threat: Model, tennis champ and bodybuilder. More HERE.

I stumbled upon these photos of Brad Minns from 1990s and was so smitten I had to dig deeper -- and found my answer in the summary of this hunk's autobiography:

"Never Give Up": 
The inspiring true story about Brad Minns who overcame deafness to become a champion at tennis, bodybuilding and life! Down 2 sets to love and five games to zero in the third, Brad Minns’ journey to come from behind at the 1985 World Games for the Deaf in Los Angeles to win the gold medal is one of the most incredible sports comebacks in history! Never Give Up is the inspiring true story about Brad Minns who, at age 3, became sick with an extremely high fever. The battle over sickness left him with a severe hearing impairment. With the love and support of his family, Never Give Up chronicles Brads life in which he overcomes adversity to win at tennis, bodybuilding and life.

Daddy's still got it. Find Brad on the web HERE.

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