Tuesday, March 23, 2021

Remains of the Day (03/23)

Tim O'Leary: I want to see Eating Out: Jingle Balls! 

Speedy recovery to the Argentine tennis star -- but why no c**k X-ray???? 


Reilly Opelka is a mensch  

10 out of 10 from this judge ... 

"Apparently forgetting that he is a public servant, he intends to make postage more expensive, slower, and post offices harder to access by cutting their operating hours." 

Biden calls on Congress to tighten gun laws in wake of Colorado shooting that killed 10 

Joe Manchin wants to pass a popular gun control bill that will save lives, but he loves the filibuster more -- now will this change?

A friend said we should give GLAAD some space to be occasionally wrong. I don't disagree. I guess the reason I blogged about the case of Jesse Singal -- who has been erroneously labeled Trans Public Enemy No. 1 -- is that I'm in shock that "cancel culture" actually exists. Call me naΓ―ve, but I just thought that was a term conservatives cried out whenever they were held accountable for horrible things they've said or done for which they have no remorse, so it was a shock to see it happening to someone who doesn't deserve it. This case reminds me a lot of the current wave of attacks on "racist" Chris Evert. No one can offer any examples of what she has said or done that show she is bias against Serena Williams. But they just "know in their hearts" that she is, and that's enough to trash the tennis legend. Just can't figure out when truthiness became a liberal blind spot. (P.S. I'm heartened to see GLAAD has pulled its Accountability Project while it undergoes further review, although they claim no names are being removed. Seeing as JK Rowling came and went, I'm hoping they're just saying that to save face.)

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