Tuesday, March 23, 2021

Page 1 Roundup (03/23)

Never in my wildest dreams did I ever envision the LGBTQ movement would wind up here, but somehow the nuttiest element of the trans community and the people who fear them have decided that if you stray from their orthodoxy in any fashion whatsoever, you will pay a price -- up to and including smear campaigns and placement on GLAAD's increasingly meaningless list of anti-LGBT bigots. Jonathan Kay outlines what this all means HERE. (Yes, I know the site hosting the article is not the most reputable, but this particular piece is spot-on.) And the latest target, Jesse Singal, defends himself HERE. While I understand any oppressed group being leery of an outsider who seems 'a little too focused' on it, journalists of all walks of life are allowed to cover any topic they want, and this attempt to silence someone -- especially a reporter who is writing for reputable news organizations with checks and balances in place -- just because they don't like what he has uncovered is nothing short of un-American. (Reminds me a bit of what they did to filmmaker David France for having the temerity to make a film about Marsha P. Johnson.)  Part of me would like to never think about the topic again. But I care about human rights, so no matter how hard these maniacs try to push me away, I will still fight for the collective cause. 


It looks like GLAAD is giving this project a little more thought, pulling everyone but Trump and Pence for now. They say no one is going to be removed, however, which is disappointing. Then again, JK Rowling inexplicably came and went, so perhaps they're just saying that to save face? 

Queer Majority: Speaking of which, noted trans porn performer and activist Buck Angel has long been treated like a pariah by his own community for having his own opinions. In a new essay he writes: 'If trans people truly want to move forward and coexist as a community, we have to do better than sequester ourselves in echo chambers and yell increasingly-extremist rhetoric at anyone who disagrees.' Expect to see him on GLAAD's 'do not call' list by week's end. Read HERE.

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j said...

We are living in a Fahrenheit 451 world in which anyone who dares to challenge the cultural approved narrative is canceled. People really need to read Ray Bradbury's book which really predicted our current society- it's not the government who started burning the books- it was the people themselves who did not want to offend anyone who lit the first match

Rix said...

Everyone thinks that it is the right wing government that tossed gas on the book burning in 451. It ain't it is liberals not wanting to offend any one. The government just used the lefts arguments as justification to create a mission for the Firemen. It is even in the Cliff Notes.

BTW the family trust just defunded GLAAD.

barryearle said...

Speaking of gay films, I watched Behind Her Eyes. (Spoilers ahead)

I found it to be anti-gay and anti-trans in the way films from Hollywood were from the 50's onward. Back then, the gay or lesbian character had to be sad and depressed or a danger to society or sinister. And he/she had to die.

In Behind Her Eyes, the gay character lives. But he is a murderer and takes over the body of a woman. Actually, two. So we have another example of a murderous gay man who, by taking over the bodies of two women he kills, is also trans.

I don't call this progress. Rather, regression. Yet no critic or gay journalist has taken on this subject. I wonder why. Is it just me who sees this?