Friday, March 26, 2021

Remains of the Day (03/26)

Awww. Taken too soon. :-( 

My friends back home can't take much more 

Pure sex. (His son, too.) 

If what is alleged by an ex-girlfriend is true this guy sounds like a real piece of shit -- but do we really need to know about this at all? I guess Twitter is now the Yelp for all relationships 

Click through to see the ass shot the director worked into the script ... 

The late actress had a long career. But her comic precision and delivery as Lucille Bluth made her memorable in the internet’s shortest form. 

In “Lonesome Dove,” “The Last Picture Show” and dozens more novels and screenplays, he offered unromantic depictions of the long mythologized American West

I still don't understand my progressive brothers and sisters on this. These kids may very well be horrible people -- one of them went on to speak at the f**king GOP convention. But anyone who has examined the videos or has taken even a cursory look at the facts knows they really didn't do anything wrong -- the Black Hebrew Israelites verbally assaulted them, then the Native American "victim" lied about everything -- and running around smearing these kids because you are projecting what you think they must have been thinking probably wasn't the right thing to do. Both CNN and the Washington Post -- with all the protections American media enjoy -- settled with Nick "I smirked because I was in an incredibly uncomfortable situation so I must be a monster' Sandmann for a reason. I'm not saying Kathy owes them any money. But the media got it wrong and so did she, so I'm not sure gloating is the way to go here. (Now can we never think of them again?)

After Trump tried to intervene in the 2020 vote, state Republicans are moving to take more control of elections 

I'm guessing Darrell forgot when Trump, like so many Republicans have before him, said the GOP would ‘never’ win elections again if it was easier to vote

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