Saturday, March 27, 2021

Saturday 'Stache: Daniil Medvedev


Would you believe I suddenly have use for Daniil Medvedev? See his magical Miami mustache in action HERE.

“I’m going to leave it for this tournament, but probably after the tournament, even if I win it, no superstitions, [I’m] going to shave it off. Just did it for fun,” Medvedev said. “Why not, you know? Just experimenting, maybe going to do something else next time.”

“Last year in the beginning of the year, I was doing a photo shoot and they were shaving me for the photo shoot, and they just left the moustache for a few minutes. I was, like, ‘It’s not too bad,’” Medvedev recalled. “It was a little bit different because they had special shavers and stuff, so I think it was looking better."

“Since that time I always thought, ‘Okay, one moment I'm just going to do it for fun for one tournament or something like this.’ So probably after Miami, I'm going to shave them off, but for this tournament it's going to be like this and let's see what people say.”

Some players can grow a lengthy beard in just a week, if not shorter. But for Medvedev, his moustache has taken a bit longer. “I don't shave a lot, like I like to keep the burn,” Medvedev said. “I shave usually before the tournaments, so I think this one was like probably one month, I would say. I don't really remember. My beard doesn't really grow very fast.”

When asked by Prakash Amritraj if he was looking to be the next Stevie Johnson, the Russian replied: "I can't grow a mustache that thick. I probably won't be able to until I'm 40."

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