Tuesday, March 02, 2021

Remains of the Day (03/02)

Great news. Funny how a president who was a 'businessman' never negotiated a single good deal

Republicans somehow win about half the votes already. Imagine how many they would get if they backed policies that are widely popular with Americans

Again, you wouldn't need to suppress voters if you championed things they like 

Did Donald Trump negotiate this settlement? They offered her $500,000 and she got $7G?! 

Sen. Warren on wealth tax: ‘I think most people would rather be rich’ and pay 2 or 3 cents more 

Three's not a crowd 

I'm pretty agnostic about this Cuomo situation. I don't like three-term politicians to begin with -- I secretly voted for Cynthia Nixon! -- and he's obviously an overbearing bully. But I think people need to slow down on this resignation talk. His verified workplace transgression was dealt with in a way that the victim was satisfied and the other one is being looked into, as it should be. As for hitting on someone at a wedding? That's hardly the same thing and feels like piling on to me. I like that Dems take the higher road, but it should only be done when absolutely warranted, and I just don't think we're anywhere near there yet. 

Wait'll their "game-used underwear" hits the auction block

Additional PROOF -- with tube socks -- that Robert Conrad was one of the hunkiest men of all time.


JP Aragon said...

Robert Conrad will always be one of the sexiest men who ever lived...basball jock Anthony Rizzo always had a crush on daddy catcher David Ross who is not the team's manager. I wonder if Rizzo's BFF Kris Bryant is jealous

ATANNER said...

Robert Conrad is one of hottest piece of ass in tv history.