Tuesday, March 09, 2021

Page 1 Roundup (03/09)


CNN: To be clear, I like accountability culture. And I like second chances for people who express remorse and learn from their mistakes. What I am less clear about are situations where an employer evaluates someone's transgression(s) and decides to give them a(nother) chance, only to have colleagues second-guess management's decisions. First Donald McNeil Jr. was forced out by the New York Times after the executive editor had already decided there was no malice when McNeil stupidly repeated the n-word in a discussion about people using the n-word -- and now Teen Vogue is under fire for hiring Alexi McCammond over tweets she wrote in college for which she apologized when they surfaced in 2019. It would be nice to think that people can grow and learn from their errors without later having their clemency revoked, but that seems increasingly less likely in the era of perpetual outrage. Will be curious to see if Conde Nast rescinds McCammond's job offer.

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