Tuesday, March 09, 2021

Song of the Day: 'I Just Fall in Love Again' by Anne Murray

Add this to the list of things I've learned via streaming: Anne Murray's "I Just Fall in Love Again" -- which along with Heart's "Dog and Butterfly" dominated the airwaves in the spring of 1979 when my family moved from Detroit to Phoenix -- was originally recorded by ... the Carpenters. (News to me! It's on "Passage," the same album that featured "Calling Occupants of Interplanetary Craft.") Even better is that the Canadian crooner was inspired to cover the song after hearing Dusty Springfield's version, featured on 1979's "Living Without Your Love" (also news to me!). Murray later included the song as a posthumous duet with Dusty Springfield on "Duets: Friends & Legends" (2007).

BTW: How do you explain to your lover who is 10 years younger what an Anne Murray -- with her crossover hits "Snowbird," "A Love Song," "Shadows in the Moonlight" (swoon!), "Danny's Song" (the all-time best!), "Daydream Believer," "You Won't See Me," "Could I Have This Dance," "Broken Hearted Me" (the tears!), numerous Grammys and monster TV specials -- is/was???? 

Hear the original Carpenters version plus Dusty's solo and duet HERE.

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Marc said...

As a Canadian and as a Nova Scotian, Anne Murray will always be a treasure. Hard to believe she was once a gym teacher.