Tuesday, December 29, 2020

Remains of the Day (12/29)

McConnell blocks Democrats’ attempt to quickly approve $2,000 stimulus checks amid pressure on GOP to act 

Wouldn't wanna get on Donny's 'naughty' list 

Does Robert Trump's death certificate say the cause was 'Kung Flu'? 

So many NextGen American players get it, yet we're still saddled with this ... 

Are you sure? Definitely looks like they improved his jawline. 

This one hurts ... just 55 years old.  More HERE.

Casey Lee Ross, a stunning dancer who has appeared on my friend Matt's blog many times, has died suddenly, according to his social media. 

In a career spanning more than three-quarters of a century, he remained a futurist, reproducing fashions for ready-to-wear consumption and affixing his brand to an outpouring of products. 

Reminder: 22 more days until law and order is restored.

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