Tuesday, December 29, 2020

Gay White Party Producer: Virus? What Virus? -- UPDATE

Anyone know why Jeffrey Sanker -- noted producer of the White Party in Palm Springs -- is planning a big weekend of New Year's Eve parties in Puerto Vallarta during the deadliest month of the deadliest pandemic in our lifetimes? (One event is already sold out.)

He's hardly the only one behaving like this -- in fact, the Washington Post reports that more Americans are traveling to Mexico’s Riviera Maya than ever before, which in turn is leading to more coronavirus cases -- but I'm getting really tired of seeing my gay brothers who fought through the darkest days of AIDS carrying on like Covidiots. 

Sanker's Facebook page describes him as a "humanitarian," something he may want to edit if he insists on putting thousands of queer people's lives at risk.  (His 2021 White Party is also going ahead as if nothing was wrong.) 
How quickly we forget.

A cursory search of (poorly translated) news shows that hospitals in Puerto Vallarta are already at the breaking point, with the state reaching a 65% positivity rate. 

Still from what I hear, he is treated like royalty in Palm Springs because of all the money his White Party brings in so it's doubtful the largely LGBTQ City Council will say a word to condemn his wantonly irresponsible behavior. People reading his public Facebook page, however, weren't so timid. 

One wrote:
I hope you and those attending your event in PV have a birthday next year to celebrate! Once a Pioneer for your community and now a tired has been making a buck and endangering the lives of others. Shame on you!
Meanwhile, the Puerto Vallarta Daily News posted this on Facebook:
If you are interested in still visiting the COVID Superspreader New Years Eve Celebration where foreigners come to our community and throw big parties and leave COVID while causing our businesses to close and people lose their jobs, they have changed their mega party to Riviera Nayarit and even offer a nice closed bus to transport you there with a lot of people packed together. 🤷‍♂️ COVID isn't causing businesses to suffer, it's the actions of people.  We are tired of it. We have supported this event in past years and given it positive coverage, but this year it's irresponsible and should be canceled.
Sanker didn't respond to requests for comment. 


Sanker has still not responded to me. But the New Year's weekend parties no longer appear on his website, and the Palm Springs White Party link now just says "More information coming soon." 

While I would like to think he has decided to heed the warning of the Centers for Disease Control as well as the wishes of the locals in Puerto Vallarta, it looks like he's just trying to go underground now with a new (trying-to-keep-it) undisclosed location:


 UPDATE: Jan. 1, 2021

Karma for the win! 

And would you get a load of this? 

Jake Grez, who was Number 2 on this list of the Top 10 Medical Profession Influencers(!) seems to be one of the party participants!


JP Aragon said...

Covidiots like to party

Jack said...

I wouldn't mind so much if this only affected the Covididiots attending these events, but they will inevitably infect other people who are trying to play it safe.

Not Amused said...

What’s the “unity” part? All in the same ICU?

Stephen said...

WTF is wrong with people. I know this couple that both tested positive yet they are going to Vegas this weekend. Mind blown.

PS concerned said...

Tracing can identify super-spreaderevents so I believe event promoters should be held accountable and class action suits might be a good follow-up response. Think of the costs (financial/emotional/short-term/long-term) generated by the actions of some upon others ... healthcare workers, first responders, non-covid patients who can not get prompt medical attention, family members and friends who have lost loved ones, etc..
Please act responsible until the vaccines have produced a safer environment. Then let's all party!