Wednesday, December 16, 2020

Remains of the Day (12/16)

Things have gotten a little heated for me on Twitter today, after I took Jason Johnson (who I believe is cisgender and straight) to task for belittling Pete Buttigieg on "The 11th Hour" last night as having 'failed up.' A gay man WINNING a presidential primary/caucus is a monumental event in history, a barrier-shattering achievement. (We were AIDS-deserving deviants without marriage rights only a few years before.) That a respected professor and pundit doesn't understand this is distressing to me. (Ditto for the LGBTQ+ people with such short memories.) One commenter even took exception to LGBTQ+ people being referred to as a minority. (What would YOU call less than 5% of the population?) P.S. 'Failing up' is a very specific term that clearly does not apply here, sorry.

UPDATE: Apparently Johnson has put his foot in his mouth before. In March he was suspended by MSNBC and was fired by African-American digital platform The Root, where he served as a contributing political editor, after his comment that black women working on Sen. Bernie Sanders’s campaign are from the “Island of Misfit Black Girls."  

A reader told me that Johnson also has a history of homophobia. I'm not sure about that, but his “respect” for homophobes certainly sounds a lot like Southern Bible-thumpers who rationalize(d) slavery. (Screenshot from HERE.)

More proof that minorities are being disproportionately affected by the coronavirus pandemic. 

Recovering Republican getting out of Dodge ... because of active Republicans

Trump’s Mar-a-Lago neighbours initiate legal action to stop him moving there when he leaves White House 

Maine’s new House Speaker is a gay man who was born in 1992 

He said just what my Damian said: If another Republican gets elected, it could be the last president we have for decades 

Reminder: 35 days to go, but it's 35 days with the Justice Department being led by someone even more unhinged than Bill Barr


JP Aragon said...

Failing up? What does that even mean? This is as the gays who were complaining Pete was not gay enough? Gay people now seem to have very short memory or are impossibly woke- some was complaining about the "Dashing in December" the gay Christmas theme movie- because once again the character were too straight and white even though one of the characters is actually a Latino played by Latino actor ( and yes Latinos can be white too) Congratulations to Pete for making some us smart gay people proud

Anonymous said...

F JJ and his opinion. Im so tired of the PC police and the ultra left Woke Warriors. Nothing pleases them. The far left and far right are the same people with different clothes.

JT said...

Good for you Kenneth for debating Jason... I'm anti social media in general or else I would, but thank you for doing the work :) What I'm tired of is the infighting on the left, leave that to the dysfunctional Rethugs! The left needs to be united against the Tyranny. It's so easy for people like Jason to be critical but it IS (obviously) a huge milestone for Buttigieg to be nominated and I'm still proud of what he has achieved and how he represents sane LGBT everywhere!