Wednesday, November 25, 2020

Song of the Day: 'An Cat Dubh' by U2

Wikipedia notes that the title "An Cat Dubh" means "The Black Cat" in Irish and Scottish Gaelic, although its lyrics are in English. (The photo is of Baby Damian with Harvey's late cousin Shadow, the daintiest of little girls.) The song was reportedly written about a short relationship Bono had with a woman while split from his girlfriend (now wife) Ali Hewson. Bono said the song is about sex, although the image of a cat and a bird, where the cat kills the bird and then plays with it before sleeping next to it, doesn't exactly get me going.

With thanks to reader Arvin, who wrote:

You should feature this U2 song on your song of the day, just because it's a song about a cat! 

P.S.  The oohs in the middle of the song is very Blondie reminisce ("Union City Blue" comes to mind) ...

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