Wednesday, November 25, 2020

Page 1 Roundup (11/25)


Variety: Dave Chappelle says Netflix removed 'Chappelle's Show' from service at his request

Boy CultureAdonis Lounge X OnlyFans -- the guys, like their clothes, are half off!

The Washington PostIn Georgia Senate runoffs, the focus -- and the fire -- is on Raphael Warnock

Biden searches for attorney general to restore Justice Department’s independence, refocus on civil rights

Congressman seeks to have Rudolph Giuliani disbarred over attempts to overturn election

Room Rater was a beloved pandemic distraction. But the backlash has arrived, courtesy of Jeb Bush.

The New York TimesMarkets throw a welcome party of sorts for Biden

Biden’s national security team offers a sharp turn. But in which direction?

Honestie Hodges, handcuffed by the police at 11, is dead of Covid-19 at 14

‘Saved by the Bell’ review: This time, It’s actually all right

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