Thursday, October 01, 2020

Thursday Ad Watch


I must say Aaron Rodgers and Jake from State Farm are looking awfully fit in this latest commercial for the insurance company. (I don't know Jake's relationship status, but the Green Bay Packer is newly single.) Watch HERE.

You may have noticed that State Farm updated its "Jake" ad campaign to be more diverse. (They apparently also wanted a real actor as the campaign grew because the original guy was an actual employee.) 

But did you also notice that in addition to recasting the phone rep, they edited the dialogue so that when the suspicious wife finally hears the voice on the other end -- which the hubby keeps assuring her is a man -- she no longer says: "She sounds hideous"? Have to wonder if that was a nod to trans sensitivity. 

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JP Aragon said...

The ad should have ended with Jake and State Farm guy headed for the bedroom then dissolve to the after orgasm glow