Monday, December 30, 2013

Aaron Rodgers' 'Dad' Calls Gay Rumor Post 'Disgusting'

UPDATE via Twitter: Aaron Rodgers just said on a radio show: "I'm not gay. I really, really like women."

A man purporting to be Aaron Rodgers' father -- but more likely a pussy of a Packers fan -- just sent me this email. He wants me to know, among other things, that Aaron is engaged to a "beautiful Christian woman." (Emphasis mine and, I think it's safe to say, his.) He also doesn't seem to be very familiar with First Amendment law, but here you go ...

Sent: Monday, December 30, 2013 6:10 PM 
Subject: Dumbass post 

I'm Aaron's dad and this is a disgusting post. Aaron is actually engaged to a beautiful Christian woman. You are a slime ball for spreading this bullshit. How would you like your sorry ass sued!!! 

 Sent from Ed Rodgers' iPhone 5  

No word if said fiancee is the woman pictured above, who was eloquently described this way in a blog post by Terez Owens:

Here’s Aaron Rodgers with his latest girlfriend Destiny Newton frolicking on the beach…She’s blond…check…Tramp stamp…check…Stripper name…check…and looks like she’s up for a good time…
Something tells me a simple "He's not gay -- not that there's anything wrong with that" would have been a better route to go for Papa Rodgers, but what does a "slime ball" like me know about good graces?!


David in Houston said...

1. Dad is a homophobic asshole.
2. Dad obviously has never heard of a "beard".
3. Dad is naive if he doesn't think it's possible for the NFL to create a "girlfriend" to squelch gay rumors.
3. Dad has no idea if Aaron is a closeted gay man. None.
4. If Dad thinks that Aaron getting married to a woman means he isn't gay, he's also an idiot.

PJ N said...

I HIGHLY doubt that the father of a mega NFL star would be so uncouth, especially when his son is in the midst of an earth-shattering rumor. And to send it from a cell phone? Something's not passing the smell test...

nojarama said...

I think he missed the memo, that you don't f*ck with the gay mafia. You don't want Kenneth's boots up yer arse (unless you're into that sort of thing)... ;)

Myron said...

Gay/not gay, I'm never gonna meet the guy, so in my mind Aaron Rodgers is gay. Gay, gay, gay, gay, gay. :D

Seriously, it would be huge for the community if he'd come out as a gay man in a loving, long-term relationship. It's sad though if his inability to come out actually caused the end of that relationship.

I highly doubt that response is actually from Aaron's father, but I like that whoever actually wrote it took the time to change the signature to include Ed Rodgers' name.

VGL | The Male Model Daily said...

Rumors and Dad's rants aside, I look at the pic and think "body language". Nothing to see here, keep moving.

Ken J said...

It's difficult to believe the email is actually from Rodger's dad. So it's probably better to let go of this story.

JORGEjap said...

I agree. I think that this person is really an impostor. No doubt in my mind that it came from someone that hates gays and therefore ......

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