Thursday, September 17, 2020

Thursday Ad Watch

Although I don't think those pecs are on the menu, sexy BJ Gruber is offering discount code BJGRUBER3 for you to try Every Plate meal kits, which gives you 3 weeks of meals at $2.99/each! Order HERE.

UPDATE: A year a ago a friend of mine half-jokingly wrote to "complain" that he believed that gay favorite BJ is actually straight but was playing up his appeal to the boys, and suggested I stop giving him free PR. I didn't necessarily agree -- I don't really have a problem with so-called "gay baiting" as far as sexpots go so long as they're pro-LGBTQ -- but I thought it made for an interesting blog post -- and even contacted BJ at the time to include his reaction. Cut to this post, when suddenly BJ wrote to complain that I was "spreading gossip" about him and telling me how "hurtful" it was. Huh? I didn't even know what he was talking about -- what gossip? -- but eventually surmised that he was upset that I had included a link to that old post, and I was mortified that I'd upset him in any way. (I was thrown off because when I contacted him a year ago, he had a real "people can say whatever they want about me, I don't really care" attitude.) But by the time I responded to tell him I was sorry he'd already blocked me on Instagram -- I was half-thinking I might get a thank-you for promoting his paid post -- to which I say, it might be time to get over yourself a bit. You're a public figure so people talking about you comes with the territory. (He should read some of the reviews of my memoir on Amazon.) And this post is really just an ass-kissing disguised as an “ad watch.” Hate to say it, but this whole thing reeks of "pretty privilege" to me -- like he's never had something not go exactly the way he wanted it to so this is completely foreign to him. With that in mind, I'm adding the link back to the old post. Frankly, at this point I think he owes me an apology!


MJL said...

So, I'm a little nearsighted. OK, a lot nearsighted. i initially read BJGRUBER3 as "BIG RUBBERS" and come up with an image completely unrelated to food.

I'm going with nearsighted. That's my story and I'm sticking to it.

JP Aragon said...

I would give him a big tip!