Wednesday, August 07, 2019

Is BJ Gruber the Gay Rachel Dolezal?

Read the case against the actor, model and Instagram hunk HERE.


Brian F said...

We're back to the whole "I don't believe in labels... I consider myself sexual" cop-out that gay-baiting male model/actor/porn types have hedged for years.

But aren't most fitness models riding this same wave?

Patric said...

Now you need to update your headline to, "Is BJ Gruber the Tolerable Anne Heche?"

Will Kohl said...

For pity's sake is name is BJ!

jaragon said...

There are plenty of guys like him on IG check out my favorite Julianmiguelarroyo. These guys might not be gay but they know they have a large gay following- if there is a girlfriend she is barely mentioned and if there is post of her it's quickly deleted.

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