Wednesday, August 07, 2019

Remains of the Day (06/07)

KIT212: Now we know Stan Wawrinka wears snug black briefs

Boy Culture: (Gay) 17-year-old Disney Channel actor Joshua Rush comes out as bi(!)

Twitter: The cutest video you'll ever see of raccoons escaping from a burning building

THR: Veteran magazine editor Jess Cable joins SiriusXM as chief entertainment anchor

Newsweek: Revisiting Toni Morrison's 1981 cover story: "The melting pot never worked"

Passport: The U.S. isn't the only country with a gay presidential candidate

The New York Times: A must-read interview with Natalie Wood's kid sister, Lana, whose life sounds made up

Towleroad: Ohio lawmaker defies calls to resign after blaming mass shootings on gays

Instagram: Pietro Boselli with cock in hand

WSJ: Faucets, hoses, straws, all in a profusion of pastels not seen since the 1950s. But these hues are strategically murky -- neither feminine nor masculine -- to please a non-binary generation

Dlisted: Open post hosted by fingerless Croc gloves

New York Post: Hunky JJ Watt breaks kid’s bike in hilarious fail

Penta: Olivia Newton-John's longtime Australian farm finds a buyer

KIT212: Why you should always wear pajamas to bed

The Randy Report: Univision to premiere its first series to feature gay couple as lead characters

Los Angeles Times: San Diego police sergeant accused of soliciting minor for sex found dead from apparent suicide

Washington Post: A man assaulted a 13-year-old because he was ‘disrespecting the national anthem,’ witness says

The WoW Report: Tom Brady was shocked that his son didn’t like football because “he’s a boy, he should just do all the things I do”

Hot Cat of the Day: If only it were this easy to bring out babies along!

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