Wednesday, August 19, 2020

Song of the Day: 'Right Now' by the Creatures

This one popped up on Facebook last week. Didn't realize this cover of the Mel Torme classic song -- by Siouxie and Budgie's side project -- had gotten so much acclaim:
Melody Maker's Paul Colbert said in his review: "The Creatures slipped through an unlocked back window, ransacked the place and left with the best ideas in a fast car. Like all the greatest criminal minds they strike without a warning and only they know the plan. We have to piece the clues into a cover story. From the earliest seconds of 'Right Now' you know you're on shifting ground. Siouxsie baba da baping away to the noise of her own fingers clicking until Budgie barges in with congas on speed. Christ which way is this going? The one direction you don't expect is a vagrant big band coughing out drunken bursts of brass in a Starlight Room of its own making. Budgie and Siouxsie -- the Fred and Ginger of the wayward world." 
Number One's Paul Bursche shared the same of point of view, writing, "A big blast of '60s swing laced with a deft '80s touch sung by none other than the graceful -- Siouxsie? The siren really sounds great as layer after layer of multi-tracked voice get going. And wait for the video. A gold plated hit for sure."
Perhaps the best new wave-cum-jazz cover ever, with the possible exception of Alison Moyet's "That Ole Devil Called Love."


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