Monday, July 27, 2020

Are You Feeling 'Smothered'?

First I'm hearing about a new LGBTQ series on Amazon Video.

From a news release:
A little laughter at the expense of an off-beat middle-aged gay couple is the perfect recipe for "Smothered," a new Amazon Prime comedy that tells the story of Randy (Mitch Hara) and Ralph (Jason Stuart) -- who also wrote and produced the series -- a gay couple navigating their way through couples therapy. 
As the series unfolds through their uninhibited and often shocking therapy sessions, viewers discover how the couple of 20 years outrageously nit-pick and push each other’s buttons. Rom-com fans will have a demented field day with season one featuring seven, irreverent short episodes of couple absurdity, mixed with indiscretion, love, occasional bliss, and water retention. 
The trailer doesn't look promising, but I'm willing to give it a go.

More info HERE.


Jeffery said...

Oy! No.

JP Aragon said...

How did they ever get this financed? It looks painfully unfunny

Jason Stuart said...

Hey Guys watch the first and give us a change...

mitch hara said...

LOL. It's so easy to be a hater.
Watch the series and get back to us.
And what have you created, written and filmed lately?
Thanks for the plug!