Friday, June 05, 2020

Debbie Harry Flashback: 1988

Just came across this rarely seen Debbie Harry photo and interview from 1988. Deb was about to turn 43 when Brian Aris shot her on a rooftop -- post-"Rockbird" but gearing up for "Def, Dumb and Blonde" -- and "Hairspray" had just hit the big screen. 

(I saw the film with my friends Debra and Greg on my 21st birthday in Scottsdale after having lunch at AZ88. Vodka Collins was my drink after hearing about it in the book "Rules of Attraction"!) 

And below watch a radiant and self-deprecating Debbie discuss with Joan Lunden how she got the part in a John Waters film and not mince words about wanting to regain her Blondie success.

"Don't forget, I was Miss Soft Crab 1945 and that title wasn't handed to me on a silver platter -- I worked for it!" 

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uptonking said...

Love me some Ms. Harry. What an Icon. Very strange bird. Tough as hell, distant, but so alluring. The camera has always loved her. Recent Blondie albums are all hit and miss affairs, but that could be said about their classic output, too. But when they hit? There is nothing like them. Good Boys, Fun... and a number of deeper cuts all live up the Blondie legacy. I really encourage people to check out their last four albums. Thanks for posting this.