Wednesday, May 06, 2020

Song of the Day: 'Thank You' by Tracie / Martha Reeves

I love (being horrified by) the fact that my listening to a song by a '60s artist when I was in high school is the equivalent of my nephew listening to someone from the aughts, now. But it's even weirder to learn a childhood favorite was a actually cover by a superstar from a generation before me, as I did yesterday when Tracie Young posted this on Twitter about her song "Thank You":

The PW in question, of course, is Paul Weller, who "discovered" Tracie after running an ad looking for artists for his newly formed Respond Records label.

From her debut LP, "Far From the Hurting Kind"

Rare cassette version

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"Thank You" had originally appeared on a Vandellaless Martha Reeves LP called "The Rest of My Life," which also featured her version of the O'Jays song "Now That We've Found Love," which would later become a huge hit for Heavy D in 1991. Tracie may be right that her vocal is sped up a bit too much. But I love her take -- and the original -- just the same.

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