Friday, April 03, 2020

When the Tiffany Network Turned 50

I know what I'll be obsessing over this pandemic weekend!

Seen on my MTM Facebook group:
Hosted by Walter Cronkite and Mary Tyler Moore, “CBS: On the Air -- A Celebration of 50 Years” ran for an astounding nine-and-a-half-hours over the course of one week in 1978. Never before or since has a TV network gone to such lengths as the Columbia Broadcasting System (aka Columbia Phonographic Broadcasting System) did to commemorate and reflect on its history.
How many stars can you name without cheating?

Hosts Mary Tyler Moore and Walter Cronkite, who had a cameo on "The Mary Tyler Moore Show" on the episode "Ted Baxter Meets Walter Cronkite" (Feb. 9, 1974).

From HERE.


Matthew said...

Racist-ass photog couldn't get a shot with Cicely Tyson's eyes open.

Anonymous said...

Don Knox eyes are closed too. Photog must hate shorter svelte guys as well!!

Don said...

Knowing me I probably cut that out of the paper and hung it in my bedroom wall.