Monday, April 13, 2020

Page 1 Roundup (04/13)

Hot Cat of the Day: Wasn't Shannen Doherty in that movie, 'Mall Cats'?

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Bill Carter said...

The post-Soloflex life of the original Soloflex boy, Scott Madsen, is a pretty sad story. He posed for a book of poster-size pictures and had his name on the cover of an exercise book called "Peak Condition", then went back to the Pacific Northwest and disappeared from public view. He married and had two children.

He eventually worked as general manager of Adair Financial Services, his uncle's mortgage company, in Vancouver, WA. His divorce proceedings in 2008 apparently led to the discovery that he had embezzled almost $250,000 from the company. He was arrested, convicted, and sentenced to two years in prison in 2010.

He died in 2015, when he was 57.


He did a book tour to promote "Peak Condition" when it was published, and the publisher scheduled signings for him in the bookstore that had ordered the most copies of the book in each city of the tour. DC's gay bookstore, Lambda Rising, unsurprisingly had the high bid.

I lined up like everybody else. Scott Madsen was shy, quiet, and sweet. He stayed seated, but I remember thinking that he was shorter than I'd expected. He was even more beautiful live than he was in his pictures.

His inscription on the exercise book read: "Hope this gives you the body you're looking for."