Monday, July 29, 2019

Remains of the Day (07/29)

Edge Network: Ex-Gator Caeleb Dressel breaks Michael Phelps's world record in 100 butterfly

Jeremiah's Vanishing NY: Looks like the Paris Theater isn't closing after all

Instagram: Aaron Schock -- in a tiny square-cut bathing suit -- is a regular Carmen Sandiego

Back2Stonewall: Queen Elizabeth II formally decriminalizes homosexuality in the U.K. in July 1967

Dlisted: The clown costume that caused an all-out brawl on a cruise ship!

MetroSource: These are 17 films on Netflix featuring full-frontal male nudity

The New Yorker: I only know Hannah Gadsby from "Please Like Me," not her stand-up that really rocked the landscape after. But if it's anything like her solipsistic shtick from "Please," I can see why some people aren't having any of it

Instagram: Matteo Berrettini is working hard in a swimming pool to get back on tour

Boy Culture: Mother of gender-reveal parties has a change of heart

EBay: Antoni Porowski, Don Lemon, Billy Eichner auction off signed denim jacket for charity

TV Line: "Euphoria" recap ... urine trouble

The WoW Report: Getting to know handsome Tyler Whitman, the newest agent on "Million Dollar Listings: New York" (Spoiler: He has 300 pairs of underwear)

The Cut: Harvard law professor says he was seduced and scammed by lesbian and her trans friend

Gr8er Days: Charo recounts finding her husband after he shot himself

Instagram: Pietro Boselli's coin slot

The Randy Report: Ladies, if you don't want to have gay children then don't have anal sex

Towleroad: Former bobsledder Simon Dunn blasts homophobic meme bearing his photo

NewNowNext: What's it really like to juggle hot guys in an open relationship?

Hot Cat of the Day: "I will not NOT stay dry!"


JimmyD said...

I’ve seen Hanna perform a couple of times. She’s fantastic. Her act is a tad more cerebral than most... as if that’s a bad thing.
I can’t wait to see her new show.
To reduce her to what you get from the TV show isn’t quite fair. But... oh well!

Kenneth M. Walsh said...

@Jimmy: The author of the piece, Hilton Als, is basing his opinions on all of her work.

I liked her in “Please Like Me” but have never seen her stand-up.

I was merely saying I could see how — if what Als says is true —it could be a bit one note.

Anonymous said...

Does anyone know Schock is supporting himself?