Monday, July 15, 2019

Remains of the Day (07/15)

Distinct Today: Wimbledon ball boy is all grown up now

Towleroad: The New Republic takes down hit piece on Pete Buttigieg that referred to him as "Mary Pete"

Twitter: Behold drunk Woody Harrelson at Wimbledon 

YouTube: Confronting America's most hateful preacher

ICYMI: Argentine wheelchair tennis stud strips down

Gr8er Days: Charles Levin, actor who appeared on "Golden Girls," "Seinfeld" and married Vera on "Alice," found dead

The Telegraph: I absolutely adore Julie Heldman and am so looking forward to reading her memoir. (Finally finished Tracey Thorn's, so Julie just moved up one in the queue!) But for the life of me, I can't understand why she's "Streisand effecting" mother Gladys Heldman's legacy: Who EVER said Billie Jean King created the women's circuit alone?

YouTube: Matthew Broussard is my new favorite comedian -- and he's kinda hot

The Daily Beast: Miss Lindsey Graham "doesn't care" if migrants stay in detention centers for 400 days 

Ride Again: Add Shakespears Sister to the list of podcasts I need to find time to listen to

Nikole Hannah-Jones: The truth about busing ... it works

Back2Stonewall: 2 gay murders in 3 days -- 2 Detroit men charged in carjacking, murder of gay man

GoFundMe: Valerie Harper's family needs help with medical expenses, and I was all too happy to contribute

Twitter: If this doesn't make me attend World Team Tennis this summer, nothing will!

Westcly: God, when I was a kid everyone wore shorts this slutty!

Newsweek: Israel is becoming a cross between the U.S. and the Philippines 

Boy Culture: Did you say you like vintage beef?

The Guardian: Acceptance of gay sex in decline in U.K. for first time since AIDS crisis

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Vintage Beef? You mean veal.