Monday, July 15, 2019

'Djokovic’s Almost Supernatural Perseverance Might Be Unparalleled in the History of Tennis'

Insightful piece about Novak Djokovic written by a fan of Federer -- whom everybody seems to love -- on how Djokovic -- who almost pathologically wants to be loved but isn't -- has somehow managed to turn the apathy (and sometimes hostility) of the crowds into a winning formula

This isn’t unprecedented. (Poor Ivan!) But what I find odd is that people always say it's because Novak has “less personality” than Federer and Nadal. Maybe what they mean is that he has a “worse” personality -- I happen to think he’s extremely entertaining -- because he certainly has more personality than Federer and Nadal put together. 

His on-court impersonations of other players were hilarious (while revealing what pills some of them are), and his war-torn childhood alone is worth a memoir of its own. Appreciate the fact that the writer of the piece is willing to say what few are -- which I believe is the real reason so many Federer and Nadal fans despise him so: Novak’s got GOAT written all over him.


J Prof said...

I've never really understood why so many fans apparently don't like Novak. He has a great game, and on top of that, he's super sexy. He and Nadal are my two favorite players. I've never been a Roger fan, although I will admit that he definitely is the GOAT, at least for now.

demc7 said...

JProf- why is Roger the GOAT???? He has losing records to both Nadal AND Djokovic....even during his most dominant era- 2004-08, he had a losing record to Nadal. You can't be the GOAT if you're somebody's bitch! Grand Slam titles aren't the be all end all on a player's rank in history. It seems to be today, but for years, pros couldn't play the slams, then once Open, many skipped the French and Australian regularly.