Tuesday, July 02, 2019

Remains of the Day (07/02)

SBS: Ian McKellen has launched a program supporting older LGBTIQ+ people

Instagram: Now that's what I call a mustache

ABC: If homophobic rugby player Israel Folau becomes some kind of martyr then just shoot me now 

NYT Magazine: Is the Gray Lady doing softcore porn now? Scroll all the way down to Nik (without a "c") to decide

Bowery Boogie: This subway florist hangs it up after decades peddling in 14th Street station

Gr8er Days: Did you know the dad on "Alf" was caught smoking crack while having sex with men?


David K said...

Thiem out, so the new generation went bust....!!

jaragon said...

The photos of the guys in the NYT article are very provocative