Tuesday, July 02, 2019

Remains of the Day (07/02)

SBS: Ian McKellen has launched a program supporting older LGBTIQ+ people

Instagram: Now that's what I call a mustache

ABC: If homophobic rugby player Israel Folau becomes some kind of martyr then just shoot me now 

NYT Magazine: Is the Gray Lady doing softcore porn now? Scroll all the way down to Nik (without a "c") to decide

Bowery Boogie: This subway florist hangs it up after decades peddling in 14th Street station

Gr8er Days: Did you know the dad on "Alf" was caught smoking crack while having sex with men?


tropicalcineaste said...

Thiem out, so the new generation went bust....!!

jaragon said...

The photos of the guys in the NYT article are very provocative

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