Wednesday, June 26, 2019

Remains of the Day (06/26)

The Gay Salon: Want to really get to know your friends?

Towleroad: Adult performer Blu Kennedy pleads guilty to child p**n charges

The New York Times: House panel subpoenas Kellyanne Conway on ethics law violations after she fails to show up for hearing

Twitter: You don't have to be Catholic to observe Ass Wednesday (but this might make you want to convert)

Washington Post: A mother reported a teen bully for racially taunting her son. Then he beat her unconscious, attorney says.

Dlisted: Robin Thicke has officially turned into his dad

The Daily News: I never understood why anyone would want to see a fake Cher on Broadway when the real Cher is still touring

Baseline: Serena Williams is on a Wheaties box, the third female tennis player to receive the honor (can you name the other two?)

Mother Jones: How toxic masculinity fuels mass shootings

Back2Stonewall: When Life Magazine covered the “sordid world” of homosexuality in America

The WoW Report: Mass immigration raids postponed just as Pence arrives in Miami to sell “Trump for Latinos” campaign

NBC News: "These gays are big Republicans and used their connections to get this passed in Virginia. While that's a good thing they still support the GOP in every aspect. Which means they still support people who would try to take away their rights to adopt/have children. It's maddening."

Greg in Hollywood: Farrah Fawcett died 10 years ago today

NPR: Not all heroes wear capes

Washington Blade: "Harry Truman" amendment seeks to restore trans military service

New York Post: Hot American doctor killed alongside tour guide during Belize vacation

Associated Press: Yankees honor Stonewall anniversary with commemorative plaque

ET: New Kid on the Block's Jonathan Knight and pop star Tiffany talk dating, coming out and 31-year friendship

Hot Cat of the Day: Harvey's been known to do this!

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demc7 said...

re: Yankees/Stonewall- disgraceful that they've waited to celebrate Pride in any way until this year. Sorry- no pass!