Wednesday, June 26, 2019

What's So Funny About Peace, Love and Solidarity?

Another well-meaning article that offers no supporting evidence for its claims that queer minorities are being "denied the rewards" of the LGBTQ movement. (And denied by whom?) Every city, state and federal law to protect queer people applies to queer people of color. And every bad thing happening to queer people of color is also happening at a disproportionate rate to non-queer people of color. Shocker: Stonewall didn't fix institutional racism! As for the trans smoking gun about the Employment Non-Discrimination Act excluding transgender people: It was an attempt to get something on the books -- and guess what? It didn't pass for LGB people, either.

Still, if bringing more attention to queer minorities who contributed is the objective, I can accept a little shoddy reporting ... unless it leads to more of THIS

Stonewall 25: We’ve come a long way, baby ...

(Click through HERE to read about an unsettling incident that happened to me Friday night in Chelsea during World Pride month.)


Dov said...

They want to rewrite history to the point that it favors them fully. It's a shame actually.

Detroit Bob said...

In the distant 1960's there was the great antipornography campaign. Tom Lehrer, thankfully, brought the effort to light by his song SMUT. And I quote bit of lyric...

All books can be indecent books
Though recent books are bolder..filth (I'm glad to say) is in the mind of the beholder
When correctly viewed
Everything is lewd
(I could tell you things about Peter Pan
And the Wizard of Oz, there's a dirty old man!)

The emboldened minds of today, some of those who write and profess to be the font of all wisdom and what passes for research today oft leaves me, well, and as Lehrer suggested,
"wanting more"

Brian said...

Mental illness is colorblind. :-(

Kenneth M. Walsh said...

@Brian: Very true. But I’m not confident he was. I think this is the left’s equivalent of the DC pizza joint where Hillary was running her child-porn ring. If you tell people something enough they will believe it and react — sometimes angrily.

Detroit Bob said...

Good analogy Kenneth

jaragon said...

Research now consist of googling and we know that only historical truth can be found on the internet. Orwell warned us by this rewriting of history in order to satisfy the current political correct narrative.

Will Kohl said...

I once had a huge fight with a trans reporter about the whole Sylvia Rivera and Marsha Johnson rewrite. I presented every bit of evidence I had. Plus the fact that I know BOTH Sylvia and Marsha. She denied all my evidence because she was told about Sylvia and Marsha's (false) legacy of Stonewall because she was told it as a "baby trans".

Honestly I have spoken to many Legit Stonewall vets and gay journalist who know the truth but won't counter it just for the fact that they will be labeled anti-trans or racist because those cards are thrown so quickly without any real proof just to shut people down. And this has gone on for years now.