Wednesday, April 03, 2019

Song of the Day: 'Doncha Go 'Way Mad' by the Jazz Passengers Featuring Debbie Harry and Elvis Costello

Blondie and Elvis Costello & the Imposters announced a co-headlining summer tour yesterday -- not the first time these two legends have worked together! Who's going?

Deb's beauty and facial expressions more than compensate for her voice's incompatibility with the music here. At least she didn't (quite) scat -- this time!

Studio version works fine ...


Blobby said...

lord. i thought I was the only person to have this cd

Kenneth M. Walsh said...

@Blobby: Sadly, no. The online rumor was that Debbie had a cold when the studio was rented to record it, but I'm not entirely convinced that's the problem!