Thursday, April 04, 2019

Remains of the Day (04/04)

Towleroad: After Barr intercepted the special counsel's report, Damian and I stopped watching the news again. But if we were going to get roped back in it would have been by the Gray Lady's bombshell that Mueller's investigators are unhappy with how the puppet AG is framing their report -- only it’s really just more proof that short of impeachment, there is very little you can do about a corrupt sitting president (back to “Newhart” reruns)

Instagram: When Archie and Jughead attended Flatpoint High

ICYMI: Hairy, jockstrapped and too racy for Morning Wood

The Hill: Mormon Church to allow baptisms, blessings for children of LGBT parents

Slicing Up Eyeballs: Midnight Oil plans to record new music later this year for possible 2020 release

Dlisted: Prince Hot Ginge and his Muppet wife broke Instagram follow record

The Washington Post: Not a huge Jennifer Rubin fan, but she's got this one right

TPM: Trump backs down from border closing threat, kicks can one year down the road 

Dana Milbank: Mitch McConnell undid 213 years of Senate history in 33 minutes

Gr8er Days: When Marlon Brando and Alec Baldwin were hot pieces

Instagram: Your afternoon workout with Chris Clark

Axios: Pervasive partisanship and rapid-fire social media echo chambers have exacerbated our tendency to jump to conclusions -- about everything from Joe Biden's behavior to a student's encounter with a Native American man at a rally to the Mueller report.

New York Post: Family of Timmothy Pitzen -- the boy who went missing in 2011 but claims to have escaped his captors -- "cautiously optimistic" about DNA results

UPDATE: The boy isn't Timmothy

Boy Culture: Is anyone still interested in the bizarre J.T. LeRoy story?

Business Insider: Jeff and Mackenzie Bezos are officially divorced

Deep Dish: Blue briefs can barely accommodate that package

Greg in Hollywood: "Days of Our Lives" hunk Greg Rikaart returning to "The Young and the Restless" -- will Kevin be gay?

OMG Blog: Two naked Frenchmen -- or five -- are better than one


James McDermott said...

Regarding JT Leroy. The Moth Radio show some while back let Laura Albert present her version under the guise of their "the stories told are true as affirmed by the teller" trope. I haven't been able to listen to the Moth ever since. So yes, she gets lots of mileage still out of this.

Ray said...

I don't know whether I'll see the film "J.T. LeRoy," but I sure found this 2006 article in Vanity Fair compulsively readable. One short quote: "Of course, a lot of writers believe their characters are a part of them. As Flaubert famously said, '“Madame Bovary, c’est moi.' On the other hand, history has no record of Virginia Woolf ever pretending to be Mrs. Dalloway on the phone."


Jonathan said...

Same on taking a break from the news. It’s just like...what’s the point? Nothing seems to matter and it can be very frustrating. Don’t even get me started on the Dem primary. Can we just go ahead and vote for a nominee? The 2020 election seems so far away and I’m like get here already. Can it get worse? It can and it probably will.