Tuesday, March 19, 2019

Song of the Day: 'Da Doo Ron Ron' by Laverne & Shirley

I raced out to buy this 1976 album as a very young boy, rather depressed to realize America's favorite bottle-cappers didn't actually sing "Making Our Dreams Come True." (That was my first Cindy with a "y" -- Cyndi Grecco.) The album also didn’t feature “High Hopes,” but instead was comprised of many popular hits of the show's era and shortly thereafter -- "Chapel of Love," "All I Have to Do Is Dream," "I'm Walkin'." While it wasn't the highest quality production, it was an improvement over their TV group called the Rosebuds, as you can hear by playing these two clips back to back!

TV Land has 13 things you might not know about "Laverne & Shirley," including the story behind the opening hopscotch bit, HERE.

Studio ...

And "live"!

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