Friday, March 01, 2019

Page 1 Roundup (02/29)

Marion Police Department: Darwinism at its finest

Forbes: 11-year-old boy lands book deal about crocheting after his creations go viral

New York Post: How Patriots owner Robert Kraft could get off in prostitution case

 Killer dad gives more details about murdered wife and kids

Page Six: Brian Williams may be replacing Chris Matthews in MSNBC's 7 p.m. time slot

My Modern Met: Photographer breaks “Crazy Cat Lady” stereotype by featuring grown men with their adorable cats

The Washington Post: Justice Clarence Thomas has been secretly lobbying senators to get a Trump judicial nominee confirmed

Gr8er Days: Nathaniel Taylor, Lamont's friend Rollo on 'Sanford and Son," dies at 80

The New York Times: In a surprise to no one, Trump ordered his chief of staff to grant his son-in-law and senior adviser, Jared Kushner, a top-secret security clearance last year, overruling concerns flagged by intelligence officials and the White House’s top lawyer

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Blobby said...

NIcks' Rolling Stone article - meh. Do we have to hear the 1974 Mexican restaurant story yet again? Do we have to hear her take (again) on cellphones? Ditto w the 'pact' she made w McVie. I'll assume there was a press agent there to quell any discussion of her role in axing Buckingham from the group - as if RS would have the guts to actually ask real questions.