Tuesday, February 26, 2019

Jan-Michael Gambill Joins the Tennis Channel -- UPDATE

Thought I recognized that voice during the Tiafoe-Thompson match in Acapulco -- it's everyone's favorite out-adjacent* former tennis player. What a great addition to the team!

*It means you've never come out in a way that would be of help to other gay athletes or children but you do post your big gay life on social media.

Colleague Steve Weissman was quick to post this!


How much you want to bet Jan-Michael is Justin Gimelstob's replacement? 


I'm not sure what is going on, but Tennis Life is reporting that the case was postponed again -- and Gimelstob tweeted that he had not entered into any settlement discussions that would require an admission of guilt. Read HERE.


Sean said...

Now I'll definitely be watching the Tennis Channel more now. He's a stud.

demc7 said...

is he still in the closet? He has said in the past he's not gay- so he may as well stay in- we don't need a loser, jerk like that! (how do we know-from paparazzi pics.... anyone who goes on an Elton John all boy party cruise with gay porn stars and lets Elton's husband play with their nipples HAS to be gay!) I have ZERO respect for this guy- he could have made a difference- 20 years ago!

Sean said...

Easy for you to say, not ever having walked a day in his shoes. He's been out for awhile, read KIT212 more often. You dont get to decide when someone makes their private life public.

demc7 said...

He denied it for years and has never made a public statement or apologized for lying/denying.....playing with porn stars on Elton's yacht doesn't seem like an awful hard road to hoe, so I'd gladly walk in his shoes! You don't get to decide what I think or feel!

Sean said...

Take a midol, it will help

demc7 said...

I usually go for the insult too when someone's put me in my place. Do they make one big enough when you have to suffering fools?

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