Tuesday, February 12, 2019

Ginned Up

For those asking if the Gin Blossoms performed "Hey Jealousy" twice, you might be surprised by how many songs you actually do recognize ...


Here Again
Still Some Room in Heaven

"New Miserable Experience" in its entirety:
Lost Horizons
Hey Jealousy
Mrs. Rita
Until I Fall Away
Hold Me Down
Cajun Song
Hands Are Tied
Found Out About You
Allison Road
Pieces of the Night

'Til I Hear It From You

Fake Plastic Trees (Radiohead cover)
Follow You Down

Detroit-born singer/guitarist Robin Wilson -- who told us he grew up on Long Island while the rest of the band members all hail from the Valley of the Sun -- gave two shoutouts to the late Doug Hopkins, who wrote some of the band's best songs before taking his life in 1993, as well as Long Wong's, the Tempe bar where they got their start. (The shuttered venue's Wikipedia page sounds like it was hacked by a disgruntled Yelp reviewer!)

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