Tuesday, December 18, 2018

Penny Marshall, TV's Laverne DeFazio, Is Dead at 75

Heartbreaking to hear about the passing of Penny Marshall. I grew up adoring this woman, from "The Odd Couple" to "Laverne and Shirley." And she made some pretty great films, too. Hard to believe she was battling lung and brain cancer 10 years ago and the cause of death was diabetes.

This one hurts. RIP, "L" ...

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northalabama said...

both a funny lady, and talented, ground-breaking director - r.i.p. :-(

”Is the first female to direct a movie that grossed over 100 million dollars in the United States, with Big (1988). And the first female director with two movies that grossed over 100 million, with A League of Their Own (1992).”

for some odd reason, i'll always have the image of laverne blowing a breath into her work glove, placing it on a production line beer bottle, then waving goodbye as it whizzed away.

a bit of trivia from the opening credits: a schlemiel is the one who always spills their soup. a schlimazel is the one it spills on. in the intro to laverne & shirley, it’s imagined they are saying, "one of us always spills our soup, the other one is always getting soup spilled on them. so screw it, let's start a soup company!" [hasenpfeffer incorporated] even us soup-spilling fools can still traffic in soup.