Monday, August 20, 2018

Remains of the Day (08/20)

The Randy Report: Heartthrob Garrett Clayton comes out in Instagram post

The New York Times: Brett Kavanaugh urged graphic questions on Clinton-Lewinsky inquiry

The Daily News: Lisa Marie Presley wins battle with ex-husband Michael Lockwood as judge rules he's not entitled to spousal support

Dlisted: Do NOT accuse Kelly Ripa of having a new nose or teeth

Towleroad: Nob Hill Theatre, San Francisco's iconic gay strip club, closes after 50 years

Rolling Stone: Michael Jackson loses biggest-selling album crown to the Eagles

Back2Stonewall: The Equality Act was introduced in Congress in 1974 ... and we are still waiting

Just Jared: Netflix with commercials?

Gay Star News: Rod Stewart says he owes Elton John an apology for money-grubbing comments

Daily Intel: White House speechwriter fired after being linked -- surprise! -- to white nationalists

Greg in Hollywood: Do you like 'em big and bearded?

HuffPost: Customers rally after Yelp reviewer calls cafe's gay-pride flag "disgusting"

The WoW Report: The flamey boy on the short-lived sitcom "Champions" has come out as a transgender girl

New York Post: Melania Trump, without even a hint of self-awareness, warns about the risks of social media

TV Line: First "Jack Ryan" review is here

Deep Dish: You never forget the first time you saw Gregory Harrison in bikini briefs

Gr8er Days: "C.P.O. Sharkey" actor David Landsberg dies at 73

Matthew's Island of Misfit Toys: So smooth and muscular is your thing ...

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Hot Cat of the Day: Where there's a box there's a way ...


jaragon said...

Gregory Harrison made me gay

JimmyD said...

"The flamey boy"??
Two former Disney kids in one day... there are still two I'm thinking may follow soon.

John said...

Very cute cat but cotton rounds are not biodegradable.

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