Monday, August 20, 2018

Blaming the Victim Never Goes Out of Style

John Aravosis caught this disgusting detail in Politico today:
Michael Kruse, a senior writer at Politico, somehow thought it appropriate today, in an article about Joe McCarthy’s top aide, and Trump mentor, Roy Cohn, to blame Cohn’s AIDS diagnosis on “the decadent homosexual lifestyle.” There are so many layers of homophobia and bigotry in that statement (our lives aren’t decadent, we don’t have a lifestyle, it’s “gay” not “homosexual,” and no, we don’t blame people with AIDS for their illness). But it’s also notable, and outrageous, that this is a slur that we had to fight, all the time, 25 years ago. How and why did a Politico writer resurrect this slur now -- and couch it in such offensive language? And why didn’t a Politico editor catch it?
Happy to see it has been removed thanks to vigilant journalists like John.

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