Wednesday, July 11, 2018

Remains of the Day (07/11)

Towleroad: Donald "Putin pawn" Trump claims "Germany is totally controlled by Russia" at NATO breakfast

Poseideon's Underworld: A visual tribute to Tab Hunter, who died this week at 86

Pink News: Judge blocks transgender teen’s name change because he thinks Caitlyn Jenner brainwashed him

OMG Blog: Do you want to see a popular YouTube "gamer" naked?

UnPresidented: Lauren Duca on Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, youth engagement, media bias, the Supreme Court and Trump’s gaslighting

Boy Culture: Sex bomb Steve Grand's latest video

The Randy Report: Trump issues full pardons to convicted Oregon arsonists

Outsports: Gay teen athlete looking to unseat anti-gay Ohio legislator this fall

Back2Stonewall: 22 evangelical Christian scandals that rocked the world #letusprey

TV Line: Dreamy Max Greenfield moves into CBS's "Neighborhood"

EW: Classic sitcom "Green Acres" being needlessly adapted as Broadway-bound musical

The Washington Post: Retirement communities turn their sights on a once-invisible group: LGBT seniors

BBC: An FBI agent facing a felony assault charge because his gun injured a patron at a club -- and whose embarrassing acrobatics went viral -- can get his gun back, a judge ruled

Hot Cats of the Day: That's what furry friends are for ...

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