Wednesday, July 11, 2018

And Then There Were Four (x Two)

Well there was certainly no lack of drama at the All England Club, even if only one of the four men's semifinals went the way I wanted it to -- Novak Djokovic beat Kei Nishikori. (Would it kill Juan Martin del Potro to wake up before the match started?) 

Although I wasn't thrilled Kevin Anderson gave his Obama-bashing wife something to cheer about, I was even more disgusted that John Isner beat Milos Raonic. (Do we really need a geriatric Trump sympathizer in the semifinals of Wimbledon?) 

In years past one would think the winner of Djokovic and Nadal would be the obvious eventual winner. But given their advanced ages and levels of fragility, I'm scared either one of them could end up losing to either one of the giants. [Sigh.]

On the women's side I will say that with all Top 10 players being eliminated before the quarterfinals, it still wound up being a pretty respectable final four. While I still think it's Serena's to lose, I'm rooting for Kerber to win it all. Interestingly, Ostapenko has never played Serena, so it's hard to gauge who has a better shot against the mother GOAT.


Unknown said...

As a long-term Djokovic super-fan.....more than ever, this time, he needs to break loose from his doldrums and get a clear victory here. There's no other choice that wouldn't leave me extremely disappointed.

Andrew Scharf said...

What did Anderson’s wife say about Obama?

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