Friday, June 15, 2018

Remains of the Day (06/15)

The Daily Mail: Debbie Harry glows as she joins Bette Midler (both 72) at New York Restorations Project picnic (Deb's a midget -- how short must Bette be?!)

HuffPost: Six homeless LGBTQ youth share their stories

Back2Stonewall: Facebook to build $750 million data center in the very anti-LGBTQ state of Alabama

Instagram: I think we just found the hottest couple in men's tennis

Baseline: Li Na to make her return at Wimbledon in invitation doubles

Dlisted: Now nerd poster boy Chris Hardwick has been accused of domestic abuse

UPDATE: One female fan's interesting "take" on the Hardwick/Chloe Dykstra situation

Boy Culture: Things are gay all over: LGBTQIA+ history in each state

Towleroad: Sexy "gay-for-pay" adult film performer Tyler White dies at 27

Out: Ewan McGregor will shien in sequel to "The Shining," playing the grownup version of the "redrum" kid

EW: The story behind some of the best songs by the B-52s

Greg in Hollywood: I mean, seriously, that chest

THR: "Parker Lewis Can't Lose" at 25 -- co-creators on creating a cult classic

The Hill: Trump has a bad case of Kim Jong Un-vy

UnPresidented (podcast): "Trump may be the most corrupt businessman in America," says Washington Post columnist Paul Waldman

The Randy Report: Judge orders former Trump campaign manager Paul Manafort jailed before trial, citing new obstruction charges

New York Post: Trump told Shinzo Abe he’d ship 25 million Mexicans to Japan

CNN: Harvard rated Asian-American lower on personality, lawsuit says

NewNowNext: A lesbian journalist pens an open letter to Cynthia Nixon


JimmyD said...

Having met both, Bette IS tiny! I met her after her 'Divine Madness' show back in the 80's and she greeted me with, 'Shit! You're a big one!" And then was delightfully wonderful.
Chris Hardwick... I won't say the woman is lying... but... there are somethings that don't sound quite right. Like... Delisted is the only place I could find (at the time) running the story... along with all the detailed details. Some say that incredibly minute details are a sign of embelishment.
I hope it, like the George Takei story, turns out not to be true.
Have any other women come out against him? That kind of behavior doesn't seem like a one-off.

The Polar Beast said...

After the Data Breach, did you really need another reason to drop Facebook and Instagram? Zuckerberg will always take care of Zuckerberg, we have to take care of our own.

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