Monday, March 05, 2018

Song of the Day: 'Being Boring' by Pet Shop Boys

I see on social media that I'm not the only Gay of a Certain Age completely thrilled to see that The Wall Street Journal chose the Pet Shop Boys' "Being Boring" for its wonderful Anatomy of a Song series. Indisputably the duo's most affecting if not best song, you'll be haunted all over again when you read in detail that it really was about everything you imagined it was.

WARNING: There's no telling how many young men were sexually harassed in the making of this video
Neil Tennant: When we finished the album, we asked Bruce Weber to direct our “Being Boring” video. When we met with Bruce, Chris and I had some complicated idea about Latin gangs in New York filmed in black and white. To his credit, Bruce listened patiently. Then he came up with the idea of renting an empty house in the Hamptons on New York’s Long Island and filming fashion models preparing for a party and the party itself. It sounded about right to us. 
Blimey, the record company hated the video. I don’t think they were pleased with the naked guy in the beginning or flashes of the couple having sex at the end. But the video looked very beautiful and had the right atmosphere for the song.

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