Monday, March 19, 2018

'Simon' Says ... Get a Clue

I haven't see "Love, Simon" yet. But after several friends told me how much they enjoyed it, I began to hear the inevitable backlash -- and I already agree with my pal Tony. (This is why we can't have nice things.)

Love, Simon.
I love this film.
I hope you’ll all buy tickets, and support unabashedly gay stories.
And, save the bullshit about straight actors.
That kid was terrific, and once these stories become FINANCIALLY successful, we will get gay actors playing gay characters.
This is much bigger than a baby step, so quit your bitching, I’m ashamed of you.
I can’t imagine seeing that movie when I was 15...
Wow. How many things would I have done differently?
I’m grateful that this movie exists, and that I sat in a mostly full theater (of mostly under 20’s).
This is a little piece of the change we have been fighting for.


Mike B. said...

not to mention that one of the main actors is openly gay, and another is openly bisexual - plus the very gay and very open director.

and oh yeah, its super-sweet but not saccharine - and worth your movie dollars!!

Unknown said...

To give credit where credit is due, Greg Berlanti is the very open director of ''Love, Simon.'' Years ago, he championed the first gay kiss on TV on ''Dawson's Creek'' and continues to support LGBT characters and actors on his CW universe of shows: ''Arrow,'' ''The Flash,'' ''Riverdale,'' etc. Under his direction, ''Love, Simon'' also includes Ethan, a more flamboyant gay character who wasn't in Becky Albertalli's original book. He's played by out actor Clark Moore. And since the film's arrival, two more of its cast have come out: Joey Pollari and Keiynan Lonsdale. Plus, Nick Robinson, who is terrific as Simon, is a wonderful straight ally who has a gay brother and sister.

See ''Love, Simon'' because it's a funny and touching movie for everyone, gay or straight. It also can be literally life-saving in providing a positive image of a gay teen who finds love and happiness. Support 20th-Century Fox's picture in the only language that Hollywood understands: $$$$. That's the only way that it can help pave the way for more LGBT movies and performers on the big screen.

jaragon said...

Over at the excellent film experience blog some political correct gestapo member was complaining that the star of the movies was 'cis gender" WTF? He is an actor you moron. I had to take enough shit from so called convenient liberal "friends" who referred to the wonderful " Call Me By Your Name " as movie about "pedophilia' - yes they are they type of liberals who tolerated gays on film as long as they are sexless clowns. This is a movie aimed at a general audience- and I wish it had existed when I was a gay teen in the dark ages of the last century

Donny said...

I refuse to allow tired social justice warriors ruin this wonderful film. I'm 46 and I loved it. Go see it!