Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Remains of the Day (03/27)

The Washington Post: Is there nothing a mother won't blame herself for?

The New York Times: The post-World War II order is under assault from the powers that built it

Q13 Fox: Seattle Police searching for man accused of molesting 13-year-old boy during trip to water park

Newsweek: Girl Scouts cookie sales "promote promiscuous sex and abortion" says crackpot Kim Davis's crackpot lawyer

EW: Is a "Designing Women" revival next?

Deep Dish: I'm a sucker for a beardy boy with a kitty cat

Out: 12 of the best gay films you missed in 2017

Baseline: Serena Williams gets personal in “Being Serena,” a new five-part documentary series set to premiere on HBO

Gay Times: Adam Rippon explains what his Grindr profile looks like

Gr8er Days: Olivia de Havilland's "Feud" suit against Ryan Murphy is tossed on appeal

The Gay Almanac: Mississippi city that originally rejected parade permit has huge gay pride parade

Homorazzi: Another day, another Instastud

San Antonio Express-News: Quiet teen who rescued 17 in Harvey flooding wins national Citizen Hero award

The Daily News: California Department of Justice to oversee investigation into police shooting of Stephon Clark

NPR: Top U.S. commander in Afghanistan accuses Russia of aiding Taliban -- get ready for Crazy Donald to fire the guy

CNN: Retired Supreme Court Justice John Paul Stevens argues for repeal of Second Amendment 

NewNowNext: Marcia Gay Harden is fighting for her 13-year-old gay son's right to the American dream

NBC: Gay couple to open Wisconsin's first group home for LGBTQ youth

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