Friday, January 26, 2018

Song of the Day: 'Tied Up' by Olivia Newton-John

Did you hear that Olivia Newton-John is aboard that drug-ladened Atlantis cruise where "Storm Chasers" star Joel Taylor allegedly died from an overdose? Bareback porn star Austin Wolf posted this picture from the ship -- and Capt. Johnny Faevelen shared two more, including one with ONJ's hubby. (I hope he doesn't get lost at sea, too!) "Tied Up" -- which I'm pretty sure original pressings mislabeled as "Fed Up"! -- was the second new track from her "Greatest Hits Vol. 2" in 1982. Although it didn't do nearly as well as "Heart Attack," I think it's a better song. In fact, Stevie Nicks ended up recording it too (as "Tied Up in Promises") for her follow-up to "The Wild Heart," to be called "Mirror Mirror." Nicks wasn't happy with the album's results and it was scrapped, and she released "Rock a Little" instead. A couple of songs later wound up on the next album, "The Other Side of the Mirror," but not this one.

Olivia looking totally hot!

More photos from on-board HERE.


eadsfreak said...

My heart will always be Olivia's.

Blobby said...

OMG. Possibly the worst recording I've ever heard Nicks do.......and that includes "Welcome to the Room....Sara"

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