Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Joel Taylor of 'Storm Chasers' Dies of Suspected Overdose on Gay Cruise Ship

Joel Taylor, who was a driver/meteorologist on the Discovery Channel's “Storm Chasers,” has reportedly died aboard a cruise ship bound for the Caribbean. The 38-year-old reality star's cause of death remains unclear, but TMZ reports Taylor may have overdosed prior to being found unresponsive in his cabin Tuesday on the Royal Caribbean Cruise Line Harmony of the Seas, chartered by the gay cruise line Atlantis Events.

"It appears the death could be an overdose and Joel Taylor was consuming controlled substances," law-enforcement sources told TMZ. Passengers aboard the ship said that they witnessed Taylor taking drugs, including ecstasy and cocaine. One said Taylor was knocked unconscious after consuming a large quantity of GHB on the dance floor. (People still do that?) The source said Taylor was removed from the floor by two friends who then took him to his cabin.

A rep for the boat tells TMZ Taylor was found unresponsive in his cabin Tuesday and law enforcement was alerted when the boat arrived in San Juan, Puerto Rico.

On a private Facebook group devoted to the cruise, these comments were posted in the past 30 minutes:
"Our friend saw him getting dragged out of the concert last night."  
"Rumor is that there have been 3 deaths on board. Only this one made the news since he was famous."
Very sad story. Will update if more information comes in.

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Jim said...

Atlantis Events is a standalone company based in West Hollywood. It charters entire ships from the major cruise lines, including in this case Royal Caribbean. This one, called Harmony of the Seas, is one of the world's biggest. It can carry nearly 5,500 passengers with a crew of 2,300.

I've been on seven Atlantis cruises: three in the Caribbean and four in the Mediterranean. The cruises leaving from Fort Lauderdale, to the Caribbean, and from Los Angeles, to Mexico, have a reputation for being somewhat more hard-partying than those in Europe and Asia.

Despite the stereotype of gay cruises being floating bathhouses, the vast, vast majority of passengers act like sane adults. But when you've got a huge crowd, there will always be some bad behavior.

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